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Document control – hands on

Education for the job of Document Controller

Three modules – 2 days each:

Course description

The training provides a systematic introduction to working correctly
with documents. The organisation of the course reflects the fact that document control is used in many contexts – for example in large construction projects, in connection with management information systems and in commissions, boards or legal proceedings.

Target group

This online course is for those who either already work as a document controller or would like to work with document control on a professional level. There are no specific educational requirements to attend the course. The three modules can be taken individually, but if you want to take module 2 you must have taken module 1 and the same applies to module 3 – it can only be taken after modules 1 and 2.


A Document Controller may be the only one of his kind in smaller companies and may feel alone with his professionalism. Others may not have the same professional approach to document management as you, and it can be hard to explain the value of having high-quality document control.

On the course you will meet other document specialists and after the course you will be invited to join our network of participants from all our previous document control courses.
Through our network you will have the opportunity to get in touch with other document specialists and participate in meetings with presentations and discussions.

Learning method and teaching form

  • The course is held online over 6 days using Microsoft Teams
  • A mixture og theori, cases, problem-based excercises and workshops.
  • Participants are expected to be active
  • Course materials are in Danish (or English if English speakers in the class).
  • The teachers speak Danish (or English if there are English speakers in the class).

Module 1
Introduction to document control

The module is a basic introduction to document control. Course participants will be introduced to the document life cycle and for each stage of this a thorough review of challenges and correct practices and the background to these.


  • Introduction to document control
  • The job of a document controller
  • Life cycle of documents: Initiation, draft/capture, approval, use, modify and obsolete.
  • Basic definitions and tools for document control, including document ID, templates, transmittals, registries and distribution

Module 2
Document control methods

The module is a thorough introduction to methods and tools to organize and develop proper document control in relation to the company and the task. Students will also be introduced to some of the typical professional challenges and methods to solve them.


  • Introduction to methods and tools
  • Metadata
  • Creation of archive structures
  • Introduction to risk analysis
  • Introduction to process analysis
  • QA, QC and audit

Modul 3
Document control frame

The module places document control in the context of the management and quality system and applicable standards. In addition, it introduces requirements and retention management and the drafting of document control procedures.


  • Personal data and GDPR in document management
  • Standards for document control
  • Management of requirements from standards and legislation
  • Introduction to business case
  • High risk tasks in document control
  • Management systems, governance and quality
  • The document control procedure.