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We’re here because…

Scandinavian Document Control has been established out of the desire to contribute to the elevation of the document control profession in Denmark, and to have it disseminated and recognized as an important and critical discipline.

Over the years, the main forces in the company – Tine and Vibeke – have met in connection with numerous assignments where inadequate document control has had a major impact, and this has provided the impetus for the establishment of the company.

Scandinavian Document Control is the result of a long-term collaboration between the companies Scandinavian Information Audit (by Tine) and Strator (by Vibeke). Scandinavian Information Audit specialises in records/document management and Strator in IT solutions for and migration of documents. We also draw heavily on their resources and experience in our training and consultancy work.

The people behind

The company consists of Heidi Hillerup, Tine Weirsøe and Vibeke Bugge Kristiansen, but draws on specialists from both the sister companies and a large network of associated consultants and specialists.

Heidi Hillerup
Heidi Hillerup is a Document Control Specialist with more than 20 years of experience. She has worked with document management in many different industries and companies. Heidi has solid experience with systems and structuring of documents and information as well as communication with many different stakeholders. The long experience is now used as professional responsible for consulting and document control consultancy in Scandinavian Document Control.

Tine Weirsøe
Tine Weirsøe works as a consultant, auditor and teacher. She has more than 30 years of experience in records, document and information management both as an independent and in several large companies. She was chair of the Danish committee behind ISO 30300/15489 for 10 years and subject manager for records management at MIR (Master in Information Management and Records Management) from 2012-2018, AAU/KU. Tine Weirsøe is Director of Scandinavian Information Audit and Partner of Scandinavian Document Control.

Vibeke Bugge Kristiansen
Vibeke Bugge Kristiansen has experience both as a technician and as a specialist in document management and document management solutions. She has more than 20 years of experience at the interface between IT solutions and business needs to facilitate document work. She has a particularly strong knowledge and experience of highly critical digital document projects, such as document migration. Vibeke Bugge Kristiansen is a director at Strator and a partner at Scandinavian Document Control.


Adresse og kontakt

Scandinavian Document Control ApS
Skodsborg Strandvej 215, 1. th. 2942 Skodsborg
CVR: 40986324
Telefon: (+45) 7023 1404


Heidi Hillerup